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Being someone who once lived in Pendleton and someone who went to the school there I took a moment to add it to the LJ list of schools.

One of the questions asked about a web site for the school so naturaly I googled it and went to it. I couldn't help but notice that there was an image of a bull dog on each side of the header of the site.

Thinking it to be a sick joke I looked about on the site to find the ever loved bucking bronco that covered every yearbook for what seemed like forever.

Sadly I did not find it but I found and news letter and in it it was talking about the "Pendleton Bulldog Cheerleaders"

BULLDOG?!?!?! what in sam hell has happened to our mascot? Where is the Buck? WE WERE the Pendleton Bucks!

Hermiston the local rival town was the bulldogs!

Who's stupid idea was it to make our mascot some dumb dog!?!?!

GRRR! Not that I really care because I moved from Pendleton as soon as my bank acct would let me and I try not to look back, but I just want to know why.

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